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Welcome to my blog, a place where I write about books and sometimes about education and about life.books

I hope this will be a place for friends, new acquaintances, educators, students, and anyone else to read, think, and share their thoughts.

If you’d like to recommend or review a book, please do so on the Recommend or Review a Book Page.  If you are my student, then add your review to the student page.


About Me: I’m a reader, a teacher, and a sort-of writer.  Because I spend so much time reading and responding to my students’ writing, I end up with little time to write my own pieces. But one way to keep writing is to compose a thoughtful review each time I read a book or when I have something specific to say about an issue I care about. As a writing teacher, I’ll never be a daily–or even a weekly–blogger, but I’ll blog when I can.

Happy Reading,

Bean Klusendorf



  1. Hi Bean,
    I wanted to recommend The Story of Edgar Sawtell. A great read and it is a modern spin on Hamlet. It is a beautifully written coming of age story of a mute boy and his beloved dog, Almondine. I loved it and have recommended it to all my fellow book freaks! Jan Nealer


  2. Hi Bean,
    At first, I thought, “Well, I really should be working rather than reading Bean’s Blog.” But then I justified it as “sort of working”. I was looking for inspiration as I need to create a blog for our NCA Reading group. I got side-tracked by your book reviews, though. I now plan to read The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears as I am trying to read work by emerging African writers. I’ll also give three Cups of Tea another go. For me it was put-downable – at least on the first try.



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