The Muralist by B. A. Shapiro (2015)

With a 6 hour bus ride to and from Pittsburgh, this was the perfect page turner to pass thetime.  Needing the distraction, I found myself willing to overlook the less than stellar writing.  The historical aspect of the novel took me away to pre WWII in both the US and Europe.  Taking place in New… Continue reading The Muralist by B. A. Shapiro (2015)

San Miguel by T.C. Boyle (2012)

I finished this book last night, and I cannot even remember the names of the main characters.  That's how much I cared about them.  I've not read any other books by T.C. Boyle, but I hope the others are of better quality than this one. The premise of the book is interesting. Based on historical… Continue reading San Miguel by T.C. Boyle (2012)