*** Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe (1997, 1959)

This is a compelling and heartbraeking story of the Ibo tribe of Nigeria in the 1890’s, pre and post British imperialism.  Okonkwo, the main character, struggles with his own fear of and anger toward the White missionaries who will ultimately destroy his tribe and its customs.   Achebe asks us to see this story not as a sympathetic one toward Okonkwo but toward the situation and its effect on the native people.  This is an  African story told by an African, something not yet done by 1959.  (fiction)


  1. I read a similar book in my Christianity in Africa class. Called ‘The River Between’ by Ngugi Wa Thiongo about colonialism among the Kikuyu in Kenya. Great story, similar themes as in Things Fall Apart, but less well known. Wa Thiongo is apparently the famous Kenyan fiction writer, though.


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