** One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus (1999)

I really liked this story, written as a diary, of a group of women traveling West for the purpose of marrying and thus mating with Native Americans in order to “breed the indian out of them.”  It’s apparently based on an idea that was once suggested (though never enacted) by some government officials as a way of ultimately taking care of the “Indian problem.”  That, of course, is not hard to believe as the British had the same idea in Australia and surely plenty of other governments have thought along the same lines.  At times, the diarly entries are a bit hard to believe, but perhaps that’s partially because a late 20th century man is writing from the  perspective of a late 19th century woman.  Then again, how could any of us, male or female, truly know what this experience was like?  I found the story really intriguing and the characters fresh and interesting–I felt like I was on that train going West with them. (fiction)

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