*Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom (2009)

I’ve seen this book featured at nearly every bookstore but didn’t choose to read it until a friend bought it for me.  Lacking faith myself, I wasn’t sure I wanted to venture into this story.  But I’m glad I did because it’s neither preachy nor guilt-ridden.  It’s simply the story of two men: the Reb, an elderly Jewish rabbi who asks Mitch to deliver his eulogy when the time comes and Henry, a Christian minister who has redirected his life from drug dealing to sheltering the homeless in a run-down Detroit church and helping them find faith along with warmth.  Both men have a strong faith in God, but the message of the book isn’t so much that we all need that same faith but rather that we all need something.  We can all make our lives more fulfilling and more satisfying by connecting and reaching out–to friends, family, or God.  That through personal connection we will find something more than a promotion or an elevated status.  That we will make each day more meaningful.  It’s also the story of Mitch whose faith in God–or at least the role of religion in his life–has waned over the years.  I’m not sure he retrieves it through his experience with these two men, but he is surely changed in some way.  I wish I had the Reb’s or Henry’s faith in God, but in lieu of that I have strong faith in family, friends, and doing what’s good and right every day.  That gives me strength and makes each day meaningful for me and, I hope, for those around me.  (non-fiction/memoir)

One comment

  1. Nice review, bean. It makes me want to read this book and you have put into words perfectly my own feelings about faith (or the lack there of).


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