Knockout by Suzanne Somers (2009)

Yes, I read a book by Suzanne Somers–a little embarrassing, I admit, but she has some interesting things to say about cancer and alternative medicine.  This book is subtitled “Interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting it in the First Place” which intrigued me, but I couldn’t read it until I was nearly done with my treatment for breast cancer because I didn’t want to feel guilty for going with the conventional treatment of chemo and radiation.  She is 100% opposed to conventional medicine, believing only in alternative therapies, and in many cases she makes Western medical practice out to be rather evil.  I’m not there with her, but I do think conventional docs need to be much more aware of alternative, natural therapies, so I embraced her sections on integrative docs who believe in using conventional practice for curing cancer along with natural methods of boosting immune systems.  Lots of the info comes down to eating right, which isn’t too different from what Michael Pollen writes about, but the docs in this book also add a lot of supplements—way more than I take.  The irony is that each doc has a different protocol, so even within the alternative approach, the information is overwhelming and sometimes contradictory.  Still, she raises good questions; she brings to light the relationship between conventional medicine and pharma companies; she offers a number of excellent resources; and at the end of each interview, she offers a summary of each doctor’s advice.  This might be a good reference book or starting point for consulting with a naturopath or an integrative doctor. (non-fiction)

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