Update: Now posting to Instagram AND this WordPress blog.

I’ve figured out how to publish book reviews on my Instagram account AND on my WordPress blog. I wish I had known that a year ago when I switched over to Instagram. So now I think I can publish on both, which is good for my blog followers (if there are any left) who do not use Instagram. My reviews are shorter than they used to be, but that’s an okay change, I think. Let me know if you’re a beansbookblog follower and you’re now getting my reviews again. I have a full year of them that I posted on Instagram, and I won’t forward all of them to this account, but I may choose some of my favorites over the past year and post them here. From now on, I’ll try to post on both Instagram and on this blog. Happy reading!


  1. Thanks Bean. I got this and am glad you are back on WordPress as I don’t often check Insta. –Laurie


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