* Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson & David Relin (2006)

Greg Mortenson has pretty much committed himself to building schools in Pakistan, particularly schools for girls. A few years before this endeavor, he had stumbled down from climbing K2—hungry, cold, and tired—into a small village where he was welcomed and taken care of. He swore to return to that village to help bring them the one thing they needed most: a school. So this is his story of a project that began with one school and turned into a non-profit agency which built over a hundred schools over several years. It’s a fascinating journey, even if the writing isn’t that great.  (non-fiction/memoir)

One comment

  1. If you liked this book (which I did), I also recommend “Mountains Beyond Mountains” (full name: Mountains Beyond Mountains: Healing the World: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer), by Tracy Kidder.

    Paul Farmer has a clinic in Haiti through Partners in Health (PIH). He then reaches globally to solve multidrug-resistant TB.

    A very good read.


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